Vacation Motivation

The past few weeks I was a really lucky girl and got to go on vacation with my husband to visit some of his family in California.  My husband just graduated from college and this is how we decided to celebrate.  While we were there we got to experience again some of the beaches, theme parks and spend quality time with our family.  We were fortunate enough to visit Disneyland! Which was a first for me and an incredible experience.20160418_193708_resized

Back in Idaho the weather is still warming up and the warm days are between several cooler, windy, rainy days.  That being said, the sunny beaches were a welcome switch coming from the still fairly cold spring in Idaho.  We had a great time.

Thinking about our vacation has given me the inspiration for this blog post.  Finding the motivation to stay fit while on vacation is tough!  There was so much good food on our vacation and overeating was a huge temptation.  It is also difficult to keep a exercising routine up while away from your gym or outside of your regular schedule.

I’ve thought of a few ways to stay motivated and fitness minded while on vacation.  They are listed below.

  1. Keep it fresh.          Fast food is convenient, 20160414_161236but 20160414_163715try to skip it while you’re on this vacation and instead opt for fresher foods.  Include lots of fruits and vegetable, especially
    the locally grown varieties like what you might find at a farmers market.  If possible pack your own lunches so you aren’t sucked into buying what ever is nearby.  During this vacation I tried some fresh produce that was absolutely wonderful.  There is a beautiful tangerine tree growing in the backyard of my in-laws with delicious fruit on it.  Seriously the best tangerine I have eaten!
  2. Walk it off.          Vacation for me generally means walking.  We like to get out and really experience the atmosphere.  On this trip we hiked, and hit theme parks which included lots of walking.  Hiking in a beautiful new area or strolling through touristy streets is a great way to get a little activity in while vacationing.  Swimming in the ocean is a great way to get in some activity as well.

    hike california
    Some hiking scenery
  3. Remember you’re on vacation!          You are on vacation.  Try to stick to these tips, but don’t feel guilty if you miss a morning run, or eat a slice of that delicious cheesecake.  You’re on vacation people, so enjoy yourself, eat fresh foods, and  get in the exercise where you can.

Keep it fresh; Walk it off; Remember you’re on vacation!



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