5 Dimensions of Wellness

Physical Wellness

It has been a great week. I learned a lot about myself and I feel so much better having done that. This week I focused on my personal physical wellness. I am just about 7 months pregnant and feeling huge! So,… my exercising doesn’t include any super intense cardio or mega muscle building weight training. I try to take it easy and listen to my body. My goal was to work out 4 days this week. Trying to do this in the morning didn’t always work. (Although I do think it is easier if you find a time and stick to it. This seems to be best for me in the morning. No after work excuses that way.) But I am happy to say I got 3 days of exercise in! Not quite my goal, but this is an ongoing goal for me to strive for. I will keep continuing to try for those elusive 4 days! Some of those days my exercise was just walking on the treadmill, while other days my workout was just 10 minutes of yoga. This, for me, was perfectly okay. This was more about just getting in my 4 days.


During this part of my pregnancy I’ve noticed that if I stay active, even just by walking 20 minutes during the day, I feel much better. The worst thing for me has been my hips hurting, and sleeping on my side has been awful! I’ve tried pillows and all sorts of remedies to help my hips feel less pain while I sleep. The thing that seems to work the best though is getting in a little exercise. I’m not sure if it just wears me out more so I can sleep even though I have hip pain. Whatever the case may be my hips hurt less in the morning and I can actually sleep through the night. It is wonderful.

I have a desk job and I don’t tend to walk around much during the day. Getting in exercise has been crucial for me since starting this job, but even more so now that I am pregnant. I encourage everyone to set a goal and get to the gym this week!



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