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Emotional Wellness

Hey everyone! I had a great week working on my emotional wellness. Each week when I work on a goal I learn a few new things about myself. When I worked on my physical wellness goal I realized that I will not be successful with that goal unless I went to bed at a decent time. Being pregnant, I like my sleep. I need my sleep. Getting up early to work out was impossible if I had not gotten a good nights sleep beforehand. So now onto my weekly goals for emotional wellness. To start off I just want to recap a little bit about what emotional wellness is from my early blog post:

“I like to think of emotional wellness as interchangeable with mental wellness. Emotional wellness means that you are in touch with your feelings and understand and work through them. It also involves your self esteem, optimism, and other aspects of mental health.”

What could be more emotionally recharging than a stroll on the beach at sunrise!

I’ve noticed along with setting goals for my physical wellness that my emotional wellness (mood and self esteem) is negatively affected when I don’t get enough sleep. For this goal I decided to focus on my bedtime! I’ve set a goal to be in bed by 10:30. I know this seems kind of easy and maybe a little cheesy for a goal, but if you haven’t tried setting yourself a bedtime you should. It is hard to get everything done and get in bed at the time you set. It allows you to get more organized as you have to plan out projects and activities with more care.

As another part of my emotional wellness goal I decided to work on relaxation techniques. So… as part of my bedtime routine I would practice a relaxation exercise.

Here are my results…

So I did fairly well sticking to my bedtime. In fact there was only one night where I didn’t get into bed till 11. A few nights I even got into bed by 10… Go me! 🙂 I found that getting enough sleep effects me all throughout the day and in every aspect of my wellness. For me emotionally when I get enough sleep I am much happier and can deal with the stresses at work. I am also more likely to eat healthy foods because I have the energy to cook. Getting enough sleep also gave me time to reflect on my day (this time is usually occupied by me dozing off or not trying to fall asleep). This reflection really helped me to see the progress I have made in my life and it helped me keep an optimistic outlook. Let’s be honest and cut down to the basics. When you don’t get enough quality sleep you just can’t function as well. I am so glad I set this goal for myself.

My other goal was to practice relaxation techniques. I went to a ‘preparing for baby’ class and the teacher talked to the class a lot about practicing relaxation techniques to prepare for labor. We did a little experiment during the class where we held some ice in our hand and tried to relax through the cold pain. Well…. I did not do too well at this. So I definitely need the practice. I’ve been practicing breathing exercising for relaxation and I’m not super good at this either. But that’s why I’m practicing! Doing these breathing exercises right before bed has helped me calm down from the day and let go of the day’s stresses. It is exciting to see the little bit of progress I’ve made so far with these relaxation exercises. I’m excited to keep practicing these breathing techniques as well as other types of relaxation techniques!


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