5 Dimensions of Wellness

Spiritual Wellness

This week I’ve focused on my personal spiritual wellness. Spiritual wellness involves religious faith, values, morals, ethics, and purpose. I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. My membership in the church guides my spirituality.

For my spiritual wellness goal I chose to read my personal scriptures more intently. This is something that for me I go through periods of my life struggling with. I will read my scriptures really well for a few weeks…  then take a few weeks off. So that is the first aspect of the goal I made. The second aspect of my spirituality goal was to allow myself time for personal reflection.

It has been really incredible for me to see the benefits of completing this goal. On the days that I have been able to read and really dive into my scripture I have a happier demeanor without trying. It’s also helped me feel more positive about my life’s situation and my goals. For me the hardest thing about this is consistency and I’ve found that I need to set apart a specific time to read during the day. If I don’t do this, it is nearly impossible for me to get in my reading.

The second part of my goal was to set apart time for personal reflection. Now a lot of times I think people, and especially women, are very hard on themselves. I am a perfectionist and I try to keep myself to that perfect standard. This is so unrealistic, exhausting, and discouraging. I think it is important when we talk about personal reflection that we reflect on the progress we have made as well as the areas we are struggling in. Making a special effort to look at the triumphs and positive things you’ve done throughout the week (no matter how insignificant they may seem) does wonders for my self esteem and attitude. Throughout the week I found a quiet moment in my day (many times this is great to do right before you go to bed) and during that quiet time I would take only a few minutes to look at the direction of my day. This would help me adjust my sails and set my course for the next day.

I really enjoyed working on my spiritual wellness. It is important to focus on all aspects of our health and I think this is one aspect that can be often missed during our busy days.


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