Why Playful Fitness?

Hello! My name is Shelby and I’m a small town girl who loves her home state of Idaho.  I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a long time now.  I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology in 2015 and then got married soon after graduation.

This is me at my college graduation. 2015

My husband and I have been on the go ever since and I am unsure of the direction I want to take my degree.  My husband is a student still and taking a fitness class.  Recently he was telling me about things he was learning in his class and it sparked my interest in health and fitness education again.  Hearing people around me talk about fitness and people online talk about fitness, I realize that there are so many myths and false fads that people believe in.  Health and fitness education can help us live a better life with bigger results once we stop following these fads and rely on facts.

Since graduation embarrassingly I’ve become somewhat of a couch potato.  I work, come home, make dinner, and hang out on a typical night.  Considering my degree and background I’m a little ashamed to admit that, but I’m human and we humans fall into routines very easily.  Part of my inspiration for starting this blog was the accountability that it will give me to lead a healthier lifestyle.  I also want to share my knowledge, experience, and education about fitness.  Living a fit and healthy life is a journey, and this is part of my journey.

Why the name playful fitness?  Well, my whole life I’ve enjoyed being active.  When I was in high school, fitness really became a passion of mine through playing sports.  I love to play the games and get caught up in a competitive match.  Besides sports I have another love which is the outdoors.  Horse riding, water skiing, snow skiing, fishing, and motorcycle riding are some of my outdoor passions.

My husband and I exploring Yellowstone National Park.  (Before he was my husband)

The beauty that surrounds us on this earth astounds me and I want to take advantage of every opportunity I have to appreciate it….     But in the last year or so I have gotten a little slower and a little more lax about being fit enough to do some of the activities I enjoy.  I can still do them, just not to the level I would like to be able to.  That is where the name playful fitness comes from.  I want to live a life where I am fit enough to play.  Fit enough to play outdoors, indoors, and participate in any activity that excites me.

Whether your fitness goals include hiking the tallest mountain in your state, or just walking your dog in the evenings, that is what this blog is about.  Finding the fitness level that allows you to enjoy your life in the areas you want to enjoy it.

Published: 2016


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