Wellness is all about taking care of all aspects of yourself. When I say “Self Care” you’re probably all thinking shampoos, lotions, and Q-tips. That isn’t exactly what I mean even though it is an aspect of it. Self Care does include personal hygiene, but the Self Care I’m talking about is doing something that makes you happy. This “something” should be a stress relieving, relaxing, meditative, confidence boosting, energizing, or creative outlet. So… it can be basically anything as long as it makes you happy! What you do for your personal self care will (and probably should) change weekly, and probably even daily as you face life’s challenges. However, if you make a list, usually there will be a few things that are constant self care practices that work just for you.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Making Crafts
  2. Taking a Nap
  3. Going for a Hike
  4. Reading a Favorite Novel
  5. Getting a Manicure/Pedicure
  6. Baking a Special Treat
  7. Practicing Yoga
  8. Taking a Class to Learn a New Skill
  9. Writing in a Journal
  10. Taking a Bubble Bath

This list really could be endless. Sometimes for me the best thing after a long day is snuggling up with a cup of hot chocolate and a chick flick. Other times it is driving with no destination and the radio turned all the way up on my favorite country station. The beauty is that it will be different for everyone.


One of the things I have been doing lately for my personal self care is painting. It lets me express a little creativity and create something tangible. Below are some of the things I’ve painted. Enjoy!