Cress Creek Trail

Being pregnant can be rough! I've been so lucky. I haven't had much sickness, swelling, or other problems. I think the hardest part for me has been the sheer exhaustion! It is overwhelming. I counted down the weeks now until I am due, and oh my goodness my pregnancy has gone by so fast. I… Continue reading Cress Creek Trail

5 Dimensions of Wellness

Spiritual Wellness

This week I've focused on my personal spiritual wellness. Spiritual wellness involves religious faith, values, morals, ethics, and purpose. I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. My membership in the church guides my spirituality. For my spiritual wellness goal I chose to read my personal scriptures more intently. This… Continue reading Spiritual Wellness


Mesa Falls

Mesa Falls is a beautiful area north of Rexburg, Idaho. It is a great spot for college students, visitors, and locals to check out some of the natural beauty Idaho has to offer. A few weeks ago my husband, myself, and some of out friends got lucky enough to take some time off and go… Continue reading Mesa Falls

5 Dimensions of Wellness, Uncategorized

Emotional Wellness

Hey everyone! I had a great week working on my emotional wellness. Each week when I work on a goal I learn a few new things about myself. When I worked on my physical wellness goal I realized that I will not be successful with that goal unless I went to bed at a decent… Continue reading Emotional Wellness

5 Dimensions of Wellness

Physical Wellness

It has been a great week. I learned a lot about myself and I feel so much better having done that. This week I focused on my personal physical wellness. I am just about 7 months pregnant and feeling huge! So,... my exercising doesn't include any super intense cardio or mega muscle building weight training.… Continue reading Physical Wellness

5 Dimensions of Wellness


Well guys week one is done! Whew.... and it was rough. Let me tell ya. I learned some very important things about myself and my direction. This week I chose to work on the dimension of physical wellness, and it was a process. So I set a goal this week to work on my physical… Continue reading Change

5 Dimensions of Wellness

The best medicine.

There are so many aspects of living a healthy life we hear about nowadays. Should we start a paleo diet or an intense workout program with a personal trainer? Maybe we should pay for a diet plan with prepackaged meals or go gluten/dairy free. There is so much information on the news, the internet and… Continue reading The best medicine.


Vacation Motivation

The past few weeks I was a really lucky girl and got to go on vacation with my husband to visit some of his family in California.  My husband just graduated from college and this is how we decided to celebrate.  While we were there we got to experience again some of the beaches, theme… Continue reading Vacation Motivation